Jelly-Filled Donut 25: Capture Ash‘s Hat

Low Blows Network

14-09-2021 • 1 hr 7 mins

The Monday Madness crew begin to look at the Pokemon episodes you deliberately didn't remember, beginning with 'Primeape Goes Bananas'.
  • Ash's badge strategy shows how dense he is
  • Was Oak's Japanese poetry any better than his English?
  • The moment that named the podcast!
  • Pikachu's food coma
  • Ash and Mankey are intellectual equals
  • This episode hit very close to home for BurkeBot
  • A judge's decision is required for 'Who's That Pokemon'
  • How does one go about becoming a Primeape?
  • Was Pikachu jealous of Ash's hat?
  • What Premier League football team is Ash the equivalent of?