Ask Low Blows 3/9:‘1 Minute‘ Spoilers

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03-09-2021 • 44 mins

@Cluelessnerd: given the back log of questions for ask low blows, can we all expect a pass from being a multiple question walker by @CorporateCian ???

@Cluelessnerd: have you ever thought if a film was made at a different time a certain actor would be great in a role?

I think it the Captain America films came out in the late 1990's Brendan Fraser would make a great Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

@cluelessnerd: thoughts on the spiderman no way home teaser trailer? It looks so good!

@cluelessnerd: havent followed much wrestling lately, but bits I do, it's all about the ratings numbers between wwe and aew, does anyone else find it annoying that in 2021 people are still caught up in ratings? Can't they just enjoy having wrestling on several days a week

@Bryanamaniac: Pick a  character from either a comic book film or TV series and replace their actor with a pro wrestler.

@Scott_Aspill: Should wrestling have an off season?

Personally took a month off watching wrestling/ following news sites and i feel way better now getting back to watching than i did before this. I think it could benefit both fans and those in the ring/on the road if there was one.

Almost feel as if im re discovering what i like about this wacky form of entertainment instead of constantly arguing what promotion is better than what. I just enjoy what i enjoy now.

@KevinWriteStuff: think it's pretty clever of Aew to have other companies title matches on their shows involving their talent because it means they don't have to introduce a bunch of their own secondary titles. Your thoughts?

@joestodge: What’s the most kayfabe shattering moment you’ve personally ever seen a wrestler involved in?

I seen the Ballymun bruiser buying loads of 5liters of water in a Lidl before, totally smashed “the man with the golden can” persona.