Ask Low Blows 1/10: The Plaster Master

Low Blows Network

01-10-2021 • 1 hr 32 mins

Our goodbye (for now at least) show...   @TristanMCarroll: Why did Cian kill Low Blows? What the fuck?   @KentoCCFC: Have any of you a favourite moment from the many ridiculous hypothetical scenarios you've found yourself in while on deserts/up mountains/in cars/abducted by an alien? Believe me, I'll miss coming up with them and hearing the confusion in yer voices when seeing them ❤   @seanmacsamhrain: Anyone else sick of these cryptic tweets from wrestlers? Like, what do you think he’s saying here?   @Pop_Cult_Pod: If this was the end of Low Blows and it was going to be rebooted as Low Blows 2.0 with new hosts. Who from the Irish wrestling scene would you want as hosts?   @davebandana: I'll miss the shows while you guys are away. So what I'd like to know is what in today's world of pro wrestling do you hope to see change by the time the show returns if it does? P.S. Thank you for reminding me why I'm a wrestling fan every week. All the best. Sign of the horns   @joestodge: Who has been the guest you always wanted on, but never got.   @RoscommDan: In good season finale style, value 5 members of the fight factory roster in euros €. As a guide, LJ clearly is top and worth €10. Go! (And thank you for the great content and multiple death threats from Phil)   @cluelessnerd: How do you think the addition of the zoom chat has impacted you individually and the show the most since you started it? For me, being in the zoom every week kept me from falling completely out of love with wrestling, thank you all for that ❤   @Keith Hanley: Off the back of this announcement, I just want to thank everyone @HashtagLowBlows for all they have done during lockdown. @AMTRick @katey_harvey   @CorporateCian made Wednesday night zoom calls a must and really helped with my mental health. With that being said. What was your favourite lockdown zoom call moment?   @Scott_Aspill: What was the one hot take another co host has said that just made you wanna hop the table (or through the screen) and start throwing fists?!?   @SimpsonsWWE: What has been your favourite moments looking back on the history of low blows?   @chloe_lynch: Do you remember the first time ye met each other   @eoin_davis1: What 3 words would you use to describe your co-hosts