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Danushi and Sam use their giant brains and pop-culture knowledge to connect our passions for women’s (and nbs) rights and women’s wrongs. It’s gender studies, philosophy and academia, but also not gender studies, philosophy and academia at all. Each episode we share some bite sized introductory feminist theory and also deliver a huge serving of some sweet sweet pop culture knowledge. Who says that being smart is mutually exclusive with being a Gemma Collins stan? Not us! read less


The "The Endo Community Is Fucked!!!" Extravaganza
Mar 30 2022
The "The Endo Community Is Fucked!!!" Extravaganza
A lot has been happening in the endo community in Australia. We discuss it all. Please send help.Show notes:The since retracted but very real study rating how hot men think women with endo are!!!! (This was peer reviewed and published in a real journal in 2013!!! and not retracted until 2020!!!!!) article about said article: study's conclusion was%3A “Women,age at first sexual intercourse.@endogram’s post on Lupron/Zoladex’s post “What’s Going on With Endometriosis in Australia?”’s post “What’s Wrong With The Clinical Guidelines For Endometriosis?” Australia’s “We’re Listening” post (are they tho????)’s post about the $58 mill for endo (where they express personal offence that patients are unhappy with the outdated and incorrect guidelines that they approved) ACE guidelines's Health/Statement and guidelines/Clinical - Gynaecology/Endometriosis-clinical-practice-guideline.pdf?ext=.pdfNational Action Plan for Endometriosis