Wylde Style Network

Stand Up & Shout, Notebook Wagering, Tribe Called Jess and more

After a looonnnggg hiatus, Wylde Style Radio “Unreal Radio” is BACK and has their own Network now! Featuring Stand Up & Shout, Notebook Wagering, Tribe Called Jess, Welcome to Manassas (A Classy Variety Show) and more WYLDE shows to come, WSN will bring the fun back to our “unreal" network…also known as streaming and/or podcasting. We will also be looking to add other fun shows to add to the Wylde Style Network. Contact us if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a show on the Wylde Style Network. Wylde Style Radio got started in 2007 as an add-on to the Wylde Style brand when owner, Jeff Wylde, got together with his good friends Kevin Shafer and Rocky Parrish to form Wylde Style Radio w/ Kevin & Rock. The goal was to get the show on terrestrial radio as “Guy Talk” was what was hot at the time. The problem was, they had no idea how to do that other than trying to work connections and put a demo together. So, after working all their contacts and bringing on AV expert, John Caniford, to try something new at the time called live streaming and podcasting, Wylde Style Radio w/ Kevin & Rock launched it’s first show from studios they built inside of the now defunct Chics-N-Wings. The show was a pioneer in podcasting and streaming as even the major stations hadn’t started doing it at the time. The show was instantly popular but a little to bawdy for management at Chics-N-Wings so they had to rethink their strategy and decided to take the show on the road…in a pink RV. At that time Wylde Style Productions had a pink “party bus” RV for its events. WSR moved into the “Pink Nightmare” and we took the show to the masses, doing live shows from outside of popular local bars and businesses like Hooters, The Rhino, PJ Skiddoos, Good Times Tattoos and more. WSR continued to build their audience until 2009 when Kevin & Rock got the call up to the big leagues, 106.7 The Fan DC. They continued to do their show on various platforms until 2016 when everyone went their separate ways until now, when we decided to “get the band back together” as they say. Now we've evolved into our own network with other "Wylde" shows to boot!

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