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Marriage Matters

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Marriage Matters is a podcast created by Andy and Jo – launched ahead of their 25th Wedding Anniversary, in 2021 with new episodes going Live on Saturdays, from 4pm.

The - This is who we are! This is what we do! Creating digital material - to encourage and inspire families, all around the world, in their Christian faith; supporting, equipping and resourcing the Church in it’s Global mission: For Free, For All.

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S02E001, What's The Big Deal? Marriage Matters
Jul 23 2022
S02E001, What's The Big Deal? Marriage Matters
Andy B and Jo are back for more Marriage Matters. They said they would be back and here they are - back with more matters about marriage that matter because marriage matters, as Andy B so succinctly manages to say each week (or not)! As usual Andy and Jo share their thoughts and personal experiences as they consider why Marriage is the way to go and seek to dispel the myths about marriage that make you think of marriage in a negative way. Andy B and Jo do their best to extol the virtues of marriage which wasn’t as difficult as it sounds as the research seems to back them up! Andy and Jo have chosen three short verses from scripture to aid us in discovering what the bible says about marriage: Genesis 2:24Ephesians 5:25 Proverbs 31:10 Tips and Resources Read Song of Songs in the bible – a celebration of marriageRead about the marriages in the bible, for example Abraham and Sarah or Joseph and Mary and learn from them.Take matters in marriage to God in prayer not into your hands like Abraham and Sarah didBe flexible, marriage like life does not always go the way you want. The Take Away Jo sees the importance of marriage and how it has been designed by God and is good. Jo also sees the benefits of staying with the same partner in marriage, getting to know each other, learning about each other, and finding comfort, safety and peace in this. Andy reflects how God made marriage for a reason, and the marriage He designed in Genesis, as He was creating the world – and people! - was REALLY good, and really good for society as a whole. Andy and Jo