A Game-Changing Genius - Jamie Beaton PhD. [CEO of Crimson Education]

The Expandable Mind with Vahin Naka

Aug 15 2022 • 59 mins

In this podcast episode, Jamie Beaton PhD. shares insight on his journey through life and how he has built a multi-million dollar company, Crimson Education whilst earning his 7 qualifications. Jamie shares some insight on how individuals can further their chances on getting into Ivy League schools like Harvard, Stanford, Yale and so forth alongside his way to manage your time in order to feel as though you have 25 hours.

Jamie Beaton is the CEO and Co-founder of Crimson Education. He went from  graduating Harvard University, Magna Laude in 2016 two years ahead of schedule, to being one of the youngest in the world to be accepted to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business at age 20. Jamie is also the youngest ever recipient of the Arjay Miller Award in which he was top 10% of his class having simultaneously begun his PhD as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford.

Sponsor for this Episode: The Crimson Youth Fund is a philanthropic arm of Crimson Education, created to provide students or recent graduates aged 13 – 21-year-olds with essential resources to bring their event or project to life.

Are you an individual that has started a project while in high school that can benefit fellow students and make a lasting impact on your community?

Or are you an individual that has a great idea but does not have essential resources like a branding kit, an event plan or media interest to make it happen?

Click on this link to find out more: Crimson Youth Fund

Purchase a copy of Accepted here:  https://www.amazon.com/Accepted-Secrets-Gaining-Admission-Universities/dp/1119833515

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