Never Back Down From A Challenge - Sam Dakin

The Expandable Mind with Vahin Naka

Aug 8 2022 • 1 hr 36 mins

“One of the things I enjoy most about biking is the multifaceted challenge of it, showing up every day as the best possible version of myself both mentally and physically is what keeps the game interesting.” - Sam Dakin

This is a podcast episode whereby Sam and Vahin share contrasting perspectives about the two worlds, sports and academia. Sam shares his journey alongside exploring the concept of mental health, resilience, mindset and grit.

So who is Sam Dakin? Overcoming multiple sporting injuries to be where he is today, all of the hard work, pain and relentless practice hasn’t managed to eliminate the glint in Sams eye when he speaks about childhood biking memories. Having been involved in multiple sports from an early age, he can still recount the colour of his first bike and the mountain trails upon which his love for biking was born. Receiving nothing but encouragement from his family, Sam joins the ranks of many top athletes whose families have sacrificed, supported and encouraged them throughout their personal quest for  greatness. When it comes to discussing the challenges of pushing for a place as one of New Zealand’s top athletes, Sam’s perspective reflects his signature combination of tenacity and honesty.

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