What is a Pathless Path? - Paul Millerd

The Expandable Mind with Vahin Naka

Jul 25 2022 β€’ 58 mins

In this Expandable Mind episode we have had author of the Pathless Path, Paul Millerd. Paul speaks about his journey, achievement narrative, procrastination and self-realisation. Paul shares amazing insight whilst getting the host, Vahin Naka to actually share a bit of insight himself!

A little about Paul Millerd: Paul is the author of the Pathless Path, freelancer, coach, and digital creator. He has written online for many years and has built a growing audience of curious humans from around the world. He spent several years working in strategy consulting before deciding to walk away and embrace a pathless path. He is fascinated about our relationship to work is shifting and how more people can live lives where they can thrive. You can find more information on Paul and his work at thinkboundless.com , twitter, and instagram.

Links Mentioned In the Podcast Amazon Link to Purchase the Pathless Path The Pathless Path Podcast Link

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