How to build confidence and vision for small business with Mel Larsen

Obehi Podcast

May 28 2021 • 36 mins

What is your uniqueness? You might to ask. Well, consider that all the experiences you have had up to this moment might actually be been unique to you.

They might include such things as your personal life experience and how you have approached issues, different from everyone else.

No two different people have exactly the same experiences in life and in their business adventure, and this already gives you a point of differentiation in terms of the skills you have developed, and how your successes and failures have shaped you.

Leverage all these to your advantage in the business environment. Want to learn even more, then pay attention to what Mel Larsen is telling you in this short video.

Mel Larsen has years of experience behind her in Coaching Small Businesses and helping them to Development an engaging audience – she also helps freelancers and small businesses to get those BIG results.

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