Ukraine 242 Podcast

Anne Levine

24/2, February 24th, was the day that Russia began bombing Ukraine at the beginning of its all-out invasion which is now in its eleventh month. Every week Anne Levine interviews someone in Ukraine or from around the world, with a unique perspective on the war. Everyone from a Nobel Peace Prize winner to a military Colonel to an Instagram Influencer turned volunteer for orphaned children is on our show. Interviews conducted by Anne Levine and shows edited by Ursula Ruedenberg. read less

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo also known as Sarah Ashton and Sarah Cirillo is an American journalist who enlisted as a combat medic in the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War, having previously worked as a war correspondent in that conflict. A self-described "recovering political operative"[9] from Las Vegas, Nevada, she was active in Nevada politics from 2020 to 2021, including an abortive run for Las Vegas City Council.Ashton-Cirillo drew national media attention in 2021 when she released records of conversations from her time working with Republican candidates, documenting efforts to recruit members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group, for a planned "Brooks Brothers Riot" (alluding to the 2000 demonstration)[10] as part of efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 United States presidential election. In 2022, she leaked a text exchange with the Republican nominee for Nevada Attorney General, which became a key controversy in that election.Starting in March 2022, Ashton-Cirillo reported on the Russian invasion of Ukraine from Kharkiv, Ukraine, primarily for LGBTQ Nation, often writing about the war's effect on LGBTQ people. A trans woman, she is thought to have been the first openly transgender war correspondent and the only transgender journalist covering the invasion. In Kharkiv, she worked closely with the Ukrainian military and police, and was appointed by the mayor of Zolochiv, Kharkiv Oblast, as a representative to advocate with aid groups. After witnessing and reporting on the October 2022 Kyiv missile strikes—including posting a controversial widely-shared video that showed a dead body—she resigned from LGBTQ Nation to become a combat medic in Ukraine's Noman Çelebicihan Battalion, a Crimean Tatar unit. In February 2023, she was wounded by Russian shelling while serving on the front lines in
IULIIA MENDEL, Author of The Fight of Our Lives and former Press Secretary for Volodymyr Zelensky
IULIIA MENDEL, Author of The Fight of Our Lives and former Press Secretary for Volodymyr Zelensky
On the eve of the anniversary of the onset of last year’s February 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine along with worries about a new offensive, a conversation with Iuliia Mendel, award winning international journalist and former press secretary for Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy.Mendel speculates about the spring offensive. She also describes the early days when Zelenskyy was gaining sea legs in democracy, and her impressions of the 2019 Paris talks between Zelenskyy, Russian President Putin, French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel. She also speaks about Russian weaponization of language and the struggle for self-determination experienced by post-soviet countries. Throughout her interview, Mendel positions Ukraine as the vanguard of resistance and self-determination in the region in the struggle between old and new ways, and gives voice to Ukrainians’ strong will, together with sadness and dread felt in her country over the violence and death they continue to experience and anticipate.Iuliia Mendel was press secretary in the administration of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy from 2019 until 2021. She worked as a journalist for ICTV, Espreso TV, 112 Ukraine and Inter TV channels. Mendel became the first Ukrainian journalist to win the World Press Institute program.She had previously worked as a Communications Consultant at the World Bank and had contributed journalistic reporting for The New York Times. Mendel had worked as a journalist for several other media outlets including Politico Europe, the Atlantic Council, Vice, Spiegel Online and Forbes. In April 2016, she was the producer of the first documentary about post-traumatic stress disorder, Shell-Shocked: Ukraine's Trauma. In October 2019, she was included in the rating of the 100 most influential women in Ukraine by Focus magazine.
Texas Photographer Patrick Patterson recently lived in Ukraine, after taking several prior trips to Ukraine and Poland, to document war refugees. By connecting with volunteer networks, he was able to intimately document the terror and suffering the Russian invasion is causing for ordinary people. He speaks about his approach to photographing people, by connecting on a human level and listening to their stories with his promise of telling the world. He also describes war crimes he has documented, the experience of being under attack himself, and the intense personal consequences of danger and bonding with others in war. He makes a plea for the world to focus on the plight of everyday people in Ukraine, instead of on weapons.GO TO UKRAINE242.COM TO SEE PATRICK AND HIS PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOSPATRICK'S WEBSITE: WILLIAMPATRICKPHOTOGRAPHY.COMPatterson has spent much of his career documenting human rights. His photographic narratives expose the invisible and can influence change. Each photograph is evidence that someone or something has been seen. His work on undocumented migrants in the Midwest provides an opportunity for viewers to question their biases of people crossing the US southern border. His work on Texas Death Row sheds light on wrongful convictions based on racial bias.Patricks work has appeared in US and International press, including Playboy Magazine, De Groene Amsterdammer, and Poland Monthly.Music: Misto Marii by Okean ElzyUkraine 2 4 2 features interviews with experts, key people on the ground in Ukraine and many others affected, who can give direct and personal accounts of the unfolding of the war in Ukraine, how people of diverse backgrounds and professional skills rally in the fight for freedom and the historical context of Russia's invasion.