🪙 14 🎙️ Entrepreneurship through acquisitions : Dr. Felix Cardenas

SaaS it Up 🎙️

04-04-2021 • 19 mins

Dr. Felix Cardenas is the Managing Partner of Ascendis Capital and Director for the center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at EGADE Business School, Mexico.  He develops corporate venture capital strategies with corporates, impacting growth and profitability. He has been an advisor and has conducted research for companies such as Cisco, Nokia, Alcan, Logitech, General Electric, Cemex, FEMSA, Credit Suisse, Proeza, Heineken, and Nestle. His research interests include private capital, entrepreneurial capital, innovation ecosystems, competitive strategy, innovation management, corporate entrepreneurship, value creation, and technology transfer. Open Innovation: Academic and Practical Perspectives on the Journey from Idea to Market, Oxford University Press. His research work has been presented in international congresses in San Francisco, Boston, Nueva York (USA), Geneva, Zurich (Switzerland), Istanbul (Turkey), and Nice (France). Special thanks to Dr. Claudia Quintanilla for her consistent support at EGADE business school.