AJVC Unfiltered 56: Madly Predicting 2023

Founders Unfiltered

25-12-2022 • 17 mins

What a year!

We started with our predictions a few years ago. Now we can't stop waiting for the year to turn and see how we fared against our predictions.

Last year we made six predictions on IPO and unicorn counts, D2C, Creator ecosystems, deep tech and fintech.
During a year when people saw crazy overnight changes in the status quo (Ukraine invasion, interest rate hikes), we scored a mad 9.5/10 on our predictions.

This gets us pumped to crystal gaze into the next 12 months.

Read our recap of 2022, and the predictions for 2023 here: https://ajuniorvc.com/2022-predictions-2021-recap-ipo-d2c-fintech-indian-startup/

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