Ep 99: Scaler Is Giving 1M+ Engineers A Second Chance ft. Scaler

Founders Unfiltered

Feb 25 2024 • 46 mins

Brought to you by the Founders Unfiltered podcast by A Junior VC - Unscripted conversations with Indian founders about their story and the process of building a company. Hosted by Aviral and Mazin. Join us as we talk to Anshuman Singh, the Co-Founder of Scaler about their story. Anshuman graduated with a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad in 2010. As a college student, he excelled as a two-time ACM ICPC World Finalist. He began his career as an intern at Directi before joining Facebook's US office. Later, he moved to Facebook's London office, contributing significantly to tech recruitment. In 2015, he co-founded InterviewBit, followed by Scaler in 2019. 🏢 About Scaler: Scaler offers comprehensive programs for individuals looking to enhance their coding skills and pursue successful careers in software engineering or data science. The curriculum is industry-ready and taught by expert instructors, fostering a supportive learning environment.