Conversations With Dez - talking with Nic Charrington, founder & creator, Bio Blast mobile game app

Conversations with Dez

Apr 24 2020 • 42 mins

Dez Blanchfield gets up close & personal with with Nic Charrington, founder & creator of Bio Blast, a fundraising mobile phone game app, created in the record time of just two weeks, as a fund raising effort to raise much needed funding for the National Health Service coping with the COVID19 global pandemic. Nick is an entrepreneur from Bristol, what some might call a serial entrepreneur which in startup circles is a badge of honour earned by those go “get stuff done” - in response to COVID19, Nic created a novel approach to the COVID19 novel Coronavirus! I came to know about him and his latest project Bio Blast through social media myself, and instantly felt compelled to get onboard and support Nic and the Bio Blast project. As soon as he learned about the project Dez instantly tweeted about it to help promote it, and almost immediately Nic commented saying "Hi Dez thanks for the tweet. I am the founder, would love to speak to you more about it if you have a min ;-)" After a quick call the plan was to schedule a recording session the very next day to get Nic on the show as time is of the essence with this project so we wanted to get the show on air as quickly as possible. Through this wonderful conversation Nic introduces us to Bio Blast the game, what lead him to decide to design & develop the game, the journey and key steps or the process from the initial idea to launching it on app stores, from screen designs, level layouts, to finding a developer on UpWork, the exciting two weeks from ideation to a working Minimum Viable Product, to getting it through the Apple & Google app store review process and approved and published for download. Nic also shares details on how to get involved and what’s ahead from here, how can individuals, the media, organisations etc. can get involved and where do you want to see it go from here. He also shares his thoughts around what the next few months might hold, as the world eases out of the COVID19 global pandemic, and in particular how the future of fundraising with Bio Blast might play out ( pun intended ). Nic is such a charming individual and an inspiring fellow, a bona fide change agent, and there is no doubt he is well on his way to do great things and we look forward to watching his success in the near term with the awesome Bio Blast project, his Photography startup, and what will surely be many more amazing projects. Please get involved right now, grab your phone, download the game from and get involved! All support through playing the game, sharing it on social media, posting your high score screen shots, tag 3x friends and challenge them to download Bio Blast and try to beat your best high score by posting the screen shot and high score on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn for Facebook etc and @tag a few friends and give them an Ice Bucket style "challenge" to "beat my high score". Any media support or enquiries would be welcomed by Nic to help share this amazing story, and get the message out - every single download and player helps raise much needed funding for social good. Nic can be contacted via the project's website at: Nic Charrington can also be reached via LinkedIn here: .