EP 197 From Juvenile Hall to Millionaire by 25 with Stephen Dela Cruz

Live to Grind

Jan 5 2017 • 49 mins

Can you become a great entrepreneur, even if you have a rocky past?

Listen to this raw and honest interview with Stephen Dela Cruz for inspiration, motivation, and more.

A few highlights from this interview include:
- How Stephen generated over $100,000 in less than 6 weeks in my Influencer Accelerator!
- How Stephen got started [creatively and profitably!] with entrepreneurship at 8 years old.
- Why juvenile hall is worse than regular prison.
- How Bible College kickstarted his entrepreneurial endeavors.
- What’s his new book about? [Hint: It has the best title ever! haha]
- How he stumbled into the photography business and scaled it to get huge clients like the San Diego Zoo.
- Failed and successes.
- What Stephen did with homes he couldn’t flip. So savvy!
- How acting lead to creating a talent agency in L.A.
- What he looks for in people when investing in a new company or project.
- Hear about Stephen’s BIG future plans!