Your Higher Self


Join Océane on the journey of finding your higher self. From scientific information, to holistic approach, ft specialist interviews and special guests. Yoga instructor Neena also comes to explore life questions on health, wellbeing, social issues and more. Océane is a professional hypnotherapist that specialises in trauma therapies, and brain re-wiring. Océane also has many other qualifications in the field of natural healing, reiki and shamanism. She has overcome many near deaths experiences including overcoming rare illnesses, and has gone through her own journey to self discovery and self love, which she now shares the passion to teach others the road to their higher selves too.In this podcast, you will explore many topics to do with the brain, body, mind, soul, social issues and more. With views different to the norm, questioning every single social believes, and throw a real twist in the way we should think and view life.