Gary Ridgway - The Green River Killer - Raped and Strangled 49 Teenage Girls and Young Women WARNING: Graphic Sexual Assault Content

The American Serial Killer Guidebook

Mar 9 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

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In this week's episode, we’re investigating the life and crimes of Gary Ridgway, also known as The Green River Killer who raped, strangled, and murdered at least 49 teenage girls and women. He was convicted of those 49 murders receiving 48 consecutive life sentences making him the second most prolific serial killer in US history, second only to Samuel Little who we covered in our last episode so make sure to check it out.

He received his name after the first five victims were found along the banks of the Green River in Washington state. Ridgway was fond of returning to where he dumped his victims and having sex with their corpses but told investigators he would draw the line if they were too rotten or had maggots on them. Ridgway claims to have killed over 70 victims before finally being stopped and some are still being identified to this day.

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