Comedy Horrors

Nik & Joe

Comedy Horrors is an entertainment show in which two long time friends discuss various topics of past present and future, including movie reviews, music recommendations and other musings, we try to find the humour in the horrors of modern living, Not another Podcast of mindless tosh and pointless conversation I hear you say…Granted, it is that on some levels, but we hope to offer just enough extra Joie de vivre to keep you interested and coming back for more. What do we have that no-one else does?….Wait and see and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. New content will be released weekly as long as there is an appetite for it!...And to be honest, even if there isn’t, we will march on as this is a great opportunity to catch up, put our contrasting views across, and to banter our way to making our world that little bit more enriched!