E31: Eisha reads out a chapter from Gone Goa Gone (Book 2 of The Goa Saga)

The Write Creed

25-11-2021 • 7 mins

Eisha has just launched her first fiction series, The Goa Saga. In this episode of The Write Creed, she reads out from the second book, Gone Goa Gone.

Archbishop Patrick announces a press conference to refute all claims of child abuse made by James and other former students of the boarding school in Mapusa. Saysha is a bunch of nerves. James is cool. He has nothing more to lose, he says. At a crucial moment of the televised press conference, there is a commotion in the audience. Archbishop Patrick leaves in a hurry. Aeram tells her that he has released a video that has gone viral. She's proud of how intelligent her husband is. Then Aeram tells her it was James's idea, not his. How!

Gone Goa Gone is now available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press.

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