E22: Anita Sinha recites her poem, Untamed Thoughts

The Write Creed

27-09-2021 • 2 mins

Untamed thoughts by Anita Sinha

Notion, caprice or stretch of imagination.

Leave behind the nitty gritty of life.

Take a circuitous path.

Trudge along labyrinth.

Scale the heights of a summit.

Watch the snow-clad mountains

Rays of the sun in several hues.

Close my eyes and feel the blues

Shout at the top of my voice, echoes resonate the valleys

Gleefully I stand in ecstasy.

Strutting I spot valley of flowers

Enchanted and captivated

Stood mesmerised, drinking their beauty and healing my soul.

Butterflies fluttering, birds humming and bees buzzing around.

Transcending in bliss, singing and trilling , no scale no rhythm.

No desire of applause, no fear of disdain.

Behold! I see brook.

Streaming clear and placid.

Pace towards it , tempted to feel the chill.

Bending to touch, oh no I hear a beep.

Beep of the timer , brought me back to my present.

I found myself in the park, for morning walk

Now time to go for a bath

Cover art: Picture of the Pir Panjals by Rachit Mankad