#007. My 9 advices to thrive in the corporate world while protecting your inner peace

Zen Like A Boss

May 2 2023 • 25 mins

Laura shares candidly her best advices on how to thrive in the corporate world whilst protecting her inner peace.  After working 12 years in the corporate world she managed to climb the ladder, was selected in her country as a potential global leader under 30 years old and fast became a speaker, trainer and top expert in her field in HR marketing.

Here are the 9 advices that made all the difference for her:

1/ Keep your student mindset - always eager & open to learn
2/ Don’t waste your time in the wrong company
3/ Get involved
4/ Have respect for yourself
5/ Ask for what you want
6/ Don’t be the last one to leave the office
7/ Be intentional with your communications
8/ Invest in your emotional intelligence
9/ Know when it’s time to move on and have the courage to do it

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