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Join Scott Steinberger on Episode 126 as PCI celebrates 50 Years
Join Scott Steinberger on Episode 126 as PCI celebrates 50 Years
Another multi-generation company, PCI Race Radios, joins us on the podcast with President Scott Steinberger. Scott is generation #2 with all three of his kids making up generation #3 as they learn the ins and outs of the company. We talk about Weatherman, Baja, and the future of PCI on Episode 126. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app to Conversations with Big Rich – subscribe to find out who drops next week.5:48 – I have three kids that are maybe a little spoiled9:51– PCI has been able to keep stuff in stock12:04 – we’ve got to carry a year’s worth of product on hand so we don’t ever run out 15:10 – the stars on top of Diablo are incredible, it’s like a light show every night18:00 – the advent of satellite communications has really filled in a lot of gaps23:59 – Bill’s like, “think you can put radios in the cars?” – the birth of Weatherman33:19 – racers are last minute, I’d be up half the night wiring helmets so we’d be ready42:34 – I really think having a single seat car where when you break down you have to help yourself taught me problem solving47:26 – he came in as a guy on the tour and now he’s living the life for sure56:13 – it’s not the car that’s passing you that’s the problem, it’s the car that’s trying to pass himWe want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.Support the show