The BLIND Scientist

Marcos Miranda

Hello World! Welcome to The BLIND Scientist podcast! I am Marcos Miranda, a PROUD, totally BLIND, Filipino-American Scientist! In terms of neuroscience, when it comes to human-based illnesses, humans have the choice between medical science & religious beliefs, or science vs religion, in obtaining the same goal! My lifelong scientist lifestyle began in 1977, beginning with magnetism, to electromagnetism, to chemistry, to electrochemistry, to photovoltaics, to solar energy, to solar cell technology, to AM/shortwave radio, to analog electronic circuits, to computer science, radio-telephony, astronomy, behavior science (plus psychology/psychiatry), virology, entomology, biology, arachnology, to forensic science, cryptography, seismology, meteorology, to digital electronics & robotics. My computer science skills include, computer programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning & speech synthesis (phonemes-to-speech foreign language dictionary development). From 1997 to 2017, I completed 20 wonderful years of GNU/Linux development! In terms of psychology/psychiatry in the USA, I have read the Diagnostics & Statistical Manual of mental illnesses (DSM), the bible of psychiatrists & psychologists, however, I was never licensed to treat patients. Despite becoming permanently disabled in 2003 & moving to the Philippines in 2006, my life was good until 2013... From 2013 to 2017, I survived domestic terrorism beyond my family's control! Politically-protected bad neighbors terrorized me by noise torture, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Because they were protected by corrupt politicians, they were above the law! In the meantime, I endured over 1000 panic attacks and never had decent sleep during those four years. When I reported their crimes to the local authorities, the terrorists then charged me with fraudulent crimes, only to extort money from me. During my third interrogation, I passed out (fainted) and woke up in the emergency room. I was then confined in the hospital for diabetes, while my family locates a new home in a safer, quieter neighborhood. My wife was forced to pay a monetary settlement to the terrorists. A month later, I lost my vision. The eye doctor said I'm blind from diabetes, as in "diabetic retinopathy". While I was enduring acts of terrorism, I only ate low-glycemic food while maintaining less than 1500 calories per day; I ate 50% less carbohydrates than my family consumed, while I endured acts of terrorism. My A1c was 5% at the time I became blind! 5% A1c! Eye doctor told me, "diabetic retinopathy"! As a result of believing the eye doctor, I began experiencing depression, anxiety, hallucinations & delusions for the next three years! I could not afford a psychiatrist, US$200/session every 2 weeks, nor psychiatric medicine at US$250/month! Instead, I opted for my herbalism & audio therapy skills. The eye doctor did not believe me when I told him my primary disability, a childhood illness of hypotension, or extremely low blood pressure, which prevents my body from reducing stress like other humans. In 2005, I fainted during my security patrol during my rove, in which I woke up in the emergency room, to 48 hours in the intensive care unit (ICU). Medical doctors at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, told me to avoid stressful conditions... And then, I endured four years of terrorism! According to neuroscience, the human brain is capable of healing the human body, except the lens, up to 80 years old. Then, according to psychology, my mental health must be on the positive side for my human brain to begin healing my damaged vision. -- Thanks to herbalism & relaxation, the healing of my vision has just begun! According to SCIENCE, survivors of terrorism experience dangerously-high levels of stress after escaping the terrorism, itself, causing the human brain to release excessively high levels of cortisol, to reduce stress, while preventing the pancreas from releasing insulin to reduce... read less