BAM POW Comic Hour

29-10-2022 • 45 mins

To accept fate or follow your own path is what weighs heavily on the mind of epic figure created by Mike Mignola: Hellboy. A young devil summoned from hell when was saved during World War 2. Hellboy was raised in a wholesome environment, trained by the  Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense(BPRD) to fight and protect all things that lurk in the shadows. He just wants to do it on his own terms. When destiny calls to him at every corner to accept his duties Hellboy challenges each friend or foe that wants to control him, but he continues to fight for the world he believes in. Mignola's masterpiece is one of the greatest original heroes that rises to occasion in modern comics. Watching the inspiration from many different kinds of folkore and mythology weaved together through the writing as well as illustrations on the page is a story we highly recommend.