Joker Sequel In The Works! - SEN LIVE #13

The Big Thing

20-11-2019 • 2 hrs 15 mins

On today's show, Kristian is joined by Brett Sheridan, RB3, Ben Goddard and special guests Rachel Cushing and Andrew Ghia! We talk about Todd Phillips working on a potential Joker sequel? Kathleen Kennedy's comments on Kevin Feige's Star Wars movie and Julia Roberts was pitched to play Harriet Tubman??     Who farted Part 2-2:45 Schmoebot interruptions early?-4:45 Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman?!?-5:50 Brett has a million dollar idea-9:00 Schmoedown talk-9:30 big announcement!-15:15 Schmoebot assault- 20:30 MCU has it own division-22:20 New series "Wheel of Time"-23:50 More CATS trailer talk-25:50 RB3 has the best laugh 30:25 Ben sucks at Jedi Fallen Order-31:00 Spectacular Predictions-35:00 Who is the real crazy one at the table-43:00 Ghai gets flamed-44:00 Unpopular movie opinion-45:00 What's the most depressing thing?-48:20 Florence Pugh is the goat?-50:00 Kristian might stream Fallen order-52:45 Where's the schmoedown going next?!?-53:45 Independence Day speech-55:20 Bretts take on Star Wars-1:01:00 Is Irishman worth seeing in theaters-1:03:30 Is the Joker Sequel happening?- 1:08:30 Noah Hawley taking the helm in Star Trek-1:15:50 Kathleen Kennedy Interview madness-1:22:30 Streaming Numbers for Mandalorian-1:31:30 Rachel makes an official prediction-1:34:00 Any chance Rise of Skywalker bombs-1:36:00 Schmoedown what ifs?-1:42:00 Schmoedown down under?-1:43:00 Ben Gets Schmoebotted-1:46:00 What failed fantasy movie gets its own tv show-1:49:00 Top 3 mcu-1:51:50 Star Trekkies don't love JJ?-2:00:00 What's the best way to celebrate-2:02:00 Do we tan or do we burn-2:05:00 Arnold as Andrew Ghai-2:07:00 Top 3 Horror Movies-2:09:15 WATCH MARK ELLIS' COMEDY SPECIAL FOR FREE! HERE: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CLIPS CHANNEL SUPPORT SEN Patreon - Merch / Live Events - Clips - FOLLOW Learn more about your ad choices. Visit