Rikki Stern & Deanna Stern: The OG Cancer Chick & Her Superhero Mum

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

18-10-2021 • 1 hr 17 mins

Rikki Stern was 20 when after a routine check of her sore throat turned out to be Hodgkins Lymphoma. What followed? IVF, Chemo and recovery. Deanna, her mother, gave up her pursuit of a new career as a landscape designer, she deferred her studies to be her primary carer/nurse/therapist/comedian and shoulder, to cry on. As a mother of 3 kids, it's not the first sacrifice she made for her kids. And if she could do it all again, she wouldn't change a thing!

Rikki, in spite of her diagnosis, made a concerted effort to go into her treatment with a positive attitude and not sweating the small stuff. Turning her hair loss into a shaving party, aptly called, "Shave the Date". While going through chemo and then recovery Rikki decided to start Cancer Chicks Australia, after having such a great experience with Cancer Chicks UK.

Cancer Chicks Australia has supported hundreds of women through their cancer battles, the wins and the losses. Pre-COVID, the Chicks went on a well-earned retreat, one Rikki hopes to continue, once restrictions ease. If you have recently been diagnosed with Cancer, please join their Facebook Page or donate to their cause, it would mean the world to them!

During the episode, Rikki talks about her friend, Natasha Stuart from the Voice, here is a link to her music page.

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