Danielle Snelling: Finding New Female Connections After Losing A Mother

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

11-10-2021 • 1 hr 13 mins

When Danielle Snelling was 21 years old, instead of engaging in University life, she became her mother's carer, who had been diagnosed with a rare and sadly aggressive cancer. Two years later, her mum passed away. She threw herself into a relationship to avoid her grief and it took her months to realise what she needed was someone who understood her. So she searching on Facebook and found Eloise. They both lost their mothers early in their lives, and after a 7-hour-first-meeting have been life-long friends and co-founders of Motherless Daughters.

Danielle and I (mum wasn't on this recording, for obvious reasons) talk about her journey as well as how to help others who have or are going through loss. You might have a friend whose mother has recently passed, or is in palliative care, and you're not sure how to best navigate the situation. We all have the best intentions when it comes to the people we love, but sometimes we just don't know the right thing to do or say. Danielle shares what helps during these times, and what doesn't!

Motherless Daughters Australia, aims to help women and girls navigate the emotional distress and impact caused by losing their mothers. With a deep commitment to honouring this significant loss, they bring expertise, shared experiences and a unique perspective on one of life's most precious and enduring relationships. Their mission is to connect and inform women and girls whose mothers have died, by supporting them through life’s journey as they navigate every day, including life’s milestones, without their mum. They are a NFP, that has continued to work tirelessly through the pandemic, to ensure they continue to grow their reach to the millions of women who are without their mothers.

This week we also wanted to highlight another great cause (as mentioned in our preamble), from our former guest, Erin. She and her husband Dave are taking part in the City 2 Surf raising money for Epilepsy Australia. To donate visit lululoveproject.com.

For those in NSW, enjoy freedom week. Being reunited with your loved ones and friends.

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