Lisa Bennetts & Isabella Roberts - From MAT Leave to Working Together

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

21-03-2022 • 1 hr 10 mins

We're back for Season 2!! Sorry, we've been absent for a while, we took a longer summer break than expected! Jordana is now expecting her 3rd baby (spoiler alert, it's a BOY!).

Now that we are back we are so excited to launch our season with Lisa & Isabella. Lisa, started Oi Oi Global, when she went on maternity leave after having Isabella. After working in fashion for many years, there were no nappy bags suited to Lisa's aesthetic, so she decided to create her own. And so after giving birth to Isabella, she brought to life her own brand, Oi Oi (a nickname she gave Isabella as a baby).

Lisa worked tirelessly to build up her brand. Shipping from her home, getting the family involved in packing and posting, with Isabella by her side the whole time. Cut to 2020, Isabella was in between freelance gigs in marketing and decided to start helping her mum to bring the brand into a new light. They've been working together ever since, a wonderful silver lining to the pandemic.

Lisa and Isabella have a great working and personal relationship, they know their place at work and while they often chat at home about grand plans, they know when to leave work at work and enjoy each other's company.

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We wish Lisa and Isabella all the success for Oi Oi, and if you're expecting or have a baby or toddler, check out their nappy bags and pram accessories!

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