Sue Currie & Naomi McMullen: Reunited After 20 Years Apart

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

16-11-2021 • 1 hr 22 mins

This week, we explore a very different Mother and Daughter relationship. It's 1971, Sue Currie, a successful model, found out she's pregnant (out of wedlock) at 18 years old. There weren't many options for women in this era, especially without family support. After giving birth to her daughter, Naomi, Sue held her briefly before she was adopted. Naomi grew up with her blended family knowing she was adopted and was surrounded by love, siblings and many sets of parents.

Sue's modelling career continued and she always had Naomi in the back of her mind, on her birthday, and wondering where she was. In 1990, Australia's adoption laws changed and Sue registered to be contacted. Little did she know, Naomi, who had grown up in both Australia and the USA had also registered with the law change. Before long, two were contacted to get in touch and arrange to meet up.

What followed, was a catch up on almost 20 years of lost time, and a new relationship bloomed. Noami and Sue are still extremely close, so much so, Sue was in the room when Naomi gave birth to her son, a full circle moment! Despite state distance, the two still have a close relationship and hope to see each other soon, with border restrictions lifting for Summer holidays.

We thank Sue & Naomi for being so open and honest about their relationship and history.

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