Rachael Casella & Wendy Banham: A Mother's Mission Part 2

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

09-05-2022 • 50 mins

This is the concluding episode with Rachael and her mum Wendy. We talk through their relationship and family bond after the passing of Mackenzie, and how the family came together to drive Mackenzie's Mission to where it is today. Rachael also opens up about her IVF journey and how she felt after conceiving Zac. She has started the journey again, but this time, a surprise for the whole family, Rachael found out she is pregnant and expecting.

We thank Rachael and Wendy, for everything they shared. Rachael admitted she learned a lot from this chat with us and her mum, and that's what brings us the most joy.

We encourage everyone to follow Mackenzie's Mission, and if you are ready to conceive, please consider genetic testing before, that's exactly why Rachael has been pushing for funding from the government.

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