Narelda Jacobs & Jade Dolman - States Apart but Never Divided

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

18-07-2022 • 1 hr 22 mins

Many of you will recognise Narelda Jacobs. She started her career as a news reader in Perth, and in 2020 made her way across to Sydney, for a permanent seat at Studio10, a regular on The Project, and now she's embarking on a new show, Dinner Guest. As the first First Nations Woman, she has indeed paved the way for others to follow on television or pursue their dreams. Narelda gave birth to her daughter Jade at 19, just as her career began. With her family around her, her parents and five sisters she was able to become the amazing newsreader she was. Jade always came along with Narelda, to the newsroom, to meetings, and with her came her paper and pen. It brought her great comfort, as she continued her passion she is now an accomplished artist. Her murals adorn Perth streets, which brings great joy and pride to her mum and grandmother.

Narelda and Jade share their experience of having Narelda's dad come to school when they were young, sharing his story as one of the Stolen Generations - it made them both extremely proud to have him at school, telling a story that needed to be told. Narelda's parents were both Pastors, and from a young age, she learned about the power of her voice, speaking publicly and representing the Whadjuk Noongar and other First Nations people. We were so grateful to meet Narelda's mother at the end and have a chat with her. The family were all away together and continued our conversation around the dinner table with Narelda's sisters, nieces and nephews.

Onto some personal news, we are taking a little break, as baby #3 (aka Peanut) is due any day now. But we will be back with more amazing mother and daughter stories very soon!

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