Ella & Tamara: Baking at the Heart of the Family

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

23-05-2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

The latest winner of The Great Australian Bake-Off, Ella Rossanis, started her career in marketing, which took her to New York and back to Sydney again. From the concrete jungle to the bake-off tent, Ella showed her creativity and flair to win the coveted Bake-Off trophy. While her mother Tamara watched on from Perth. A true matriarch in her own right, a gynecologist who has a thriving career, and adores her children and grandchildren.

Ella shares how she managed the juggle of motherhood, her career, baking and taking time out to enter The Great Australian Bake-Off. Ella loved bringing her Jewish Traditions and love of writing into her baking, which made her mother so proud. It was a wonderful accident getting onto the show, her husband, mother, sister and sister-in-law wouldn't let Ella say no. So with three young children, still breastfeeding her youngest, she entered the Bake-Off tent. Tamara watched on from Perth with admiration, in the first episode they were able to watch together and really embrace the creativity and joy she brought to the screen.

Thank you to Ella and Tamara for joining us this week, if you have a mother/daughter story to share, please DM or Email us.

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