Kasey Mathews & Andie Mathews: Preemie Doesn't Mean Small Forever

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

01-11-2021 • 1 hr 15 mins

Kasey Mathews, was 25 weeks pregnant when she started to feel labour pains, only halfway through her pregnancy. A few days later, after a dramatic, and almost traumatising birth Andie arrived. She was 84 days old before she returned home to her family after spending that time in the NICU and special nursery at the hospital. Kasey had to jungle life as a mother of a newborn in the NICU and a toddler at home. She credits her husband, and the village around her to get her through. When Andie was first born, her doctors didn't give her much of a chance in her development, but Kasey and her husband chose another route, to let Andie forge her own journey in life. Thankfully they did! Because today, Andie turns 21, she's at university and thriving in life.

Growing up, Andie was adventurous, reached milestone after milestone, despite her original prognosis. Kasey, after many years of feeling anxious, realised that she was holding onto her traumatic birth with Andie, so she decided to write about it, in 2012 she wrote Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood. The Preemie book conveys the universal message that adversity is often an opportunity in disguise and the opportunity to witness a life transformation as a result. Whether you’re looking for a preemie book for yourself or are searching for the best gifts for preemie moms, “Preemie” can offer inspiration and hope during hard times.

Kasey is now an empty-nester, she continues to write and coach, while her children are at both University and flight school. Wishing Andie again a very happy 21st birthday!

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