Nikolina & Danica - The power of family and motherhood

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

27-03-2022 • 1 hr 21 mins

Nikolina is a writer, producer and presenter with a passion for open and honest conversation and storytelling. She started her career at Nova 969, her parents couldn't believe it when she landed the role. As immigrants from Macedonian, they came to Australia, to give their girls, the best life they possibly could, they didn't speak the language, they left behind their family and friends, and 30 years later, they have succeeded all expectations. Danica beams with pride when talking about her children, and grandchildren. Nikolina spends her days reporting on the chaos of motherhood and answering all the 'wtf' questions she is left with each day after taking care of her toddler. The host of 'How To Life' the Podcast Nikolina isn't shy from opening up to listeners about her chaotic life as a wife, soon-to-be mum of two and confusing career. She has also written an e-guide for mums, Mum Advice, for those who are looking to cut through the noise and get a real answer, from a real mum. Danica is currently still working as a Diversional Therapist, after almost 30 years of her long-standing career, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. She has a passion for looking after the well-being of aged care residents.

We loved chatting to them both, they were honest about motherhood, careers and how to "balance" the two. Which let's be real is more of a juggling act than a balancing act. Also a big thank you to Nikki, for sharing her struggles in the early days/months of motherhood, with her son Noah. It can be hard to share with everything, including family, how the baby blues are affecting us, and she continues to share that with her articles and parenting advice on 9Honey, and her very funny and all too real, reels on Instagram.

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