Sally Hepworth & Geraldine Carrodus: Writing Runs in the Family

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

25-10-2021 • 1 hr 25 mins

Sally Hepworth is the New York Times bestselling author of seven novels, most recently The Younger Wife (out now). Drawing on the good, the bad and the downright odd of human behaviour, Sally writes incisively about family, relationships and identity. Her domestic thriller novels are laced with quirky humour, sass and a darkly charming tone.

Growing up, her mother Geraldine modelled what a strong female character looked like, and that allowed her to write about it, multiple times over with her books and also live it, being the breadwinner in her family. Sally has always had an attitude of dedication and determination, on that her mum shares when Sally was a student, she wasn't the most "dedicated" except for English, until Year 11 when Sally knew it would count.

Geraldine, Sally's mum is a recently retired teacher, she taught for 40 years, both English and History. She is also a published writer, having written several History Books. She's now a dedicated grandmother and the head of Sally's fan club. Having grown up with 4 sisters and 3 brothers, her family dynamic was helpful as research for Sally's books.

Sally is releasing her latest book, The Younger Wife, which she wrote while during their lockdown, in Melbourne with her three children at home. She credits her husband (@mr_sally_hepworth) for stepping back from his work and stepping up in the home to take on the homeschooling duties to allow Sally to write. Sally also gives us an update on her deal with Amy Poehler, who purchased the writes to her story "The Mother In Law".

To purchase Sally's latest book, The Younger Wife: (published by Pan MacMillian)

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