Kelly McCarren, Sharon & Emma - Beauty Runs in the Family

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

20-06-2022 • 1 hr 10 mins

Growing up Kelly McCarren and her sister Emma Hughes, had a great relationship, despite Kelly keeping to herself - for You Beauty fans, and followers of Kelly on Instagram, that may surprise you. But her mum Sharon agreed, she didn't know until later on that she was bullied at school. Kelly and Emma have the most special bond, as sisters, who are doing motherhood together, they really lean on each other to get through the day-to-day, with laughter and tears. In fact, throughout the podcast, Emma is holding baby Lenny (Kelly's bubba) throughout the chat, patting had shushing him for his sleep. And for everyone asking, Lenny does make an appearance at the end.

Kelly, the host of You Beauty (Mamamia), is extremely honest and open about her beauty routine and motherhood. she doesn't sugarcoat it, and for new mums, she is a real hero. She didn't shy away when deciding not to take maternity leave, one that she slightly regrets, but regardless, soldiers on through sleepless nights, crying days, laughs and nappy changes.

Sharon, Kelly and Emma's mum, was a shining example for her girls when it came to working and raising a family, having been an accountant and TAFE teacher until recently. Now she enjoys life up the coast and loves being a grandmother.

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