Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus: From a love of books to authors

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

22-11-2021 • 1 hr 4 mins

A new kind of chat this week with two sets of mothers and daughters! Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus have been friends since primary school, and have been friends ever since, although it was Ali's sister who initially befriended Michelle first! They have been so connected through the years, they decided to co-write a book together, 3 books later, they now have one voice between them. Their mothers, Cindy & Susie, exude pride when they talk about their girls. They not only have a book, Fancy Meeting You Here, launching next week but also successfully launched a great initiative, Books on The Rail. Ali and Michelle's passion for reading and books became their careers!

Their first two novels The Book Ninja (2018) and While You Were Reading (2019) have been published and enjoyed around the world, and The Book Ninja has been optioned to be made into a film. When they are not writing books, Ali is a copywriter and Michelle is a primary school teacher. They both live in Melbourne with their respective families and colour-coordinated bookshelves (yes mum and I very much love a well-curated bookshelf!)

Mothers, Cindy & Susie are proud mothers and grandmothers and share how they too have formed a strong bond because of the girls' long friendship. They also share their truths about being first-generation Holocaust survivors and how that impacted their parenting.

Be sure to get a copy of Ali & Michelle's new book, and keep your eyes peeled for Books on the Rails, next time you're on a train!

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