Accepting who the F you are & My Energetic SHIFT

Badass Babe Oracle

08-04-2022 • 43 mins

My raw and unedited journey on my energetic/identity shift and everything that came with it.

It took me years to realize I was resisting the fullest expression of myself because I was not fully accepting myself.

I wasn’t owning who I was and who my soul came here to be.

Because I wasn't fully accepting myself, this transpired into not fully showing up as my truest self and expressing myself in most areas of my life.

Frankly, I was fighting myself.

I was having an internal battle of living out a learned version of success vs. how my Higher Self and soul wanted to live in this lifetime.

Let me tell ya, it was uncomfortable as f*ck. I now know that’s where the magic lies.

Those feelings of being uncomfortable of allowing ourselves to fully be seen and expressing ourselves in all of our magnificence..when we allow ourselves to feel those feelings, all of them; that is what paves the way to your soul purpose.

I pulled an oracle card this morning and it literally said, “Sometimes the more resistance we have around answering a soul calling, the more important it is to our soul’s growth.”

Take a moment to reflect on, is your foundation built upon someone elses version of success or an old plan you created for yourself in your early 20’s that feels completely out of alignment with yourself or is it built upon your true needs, desires, magic, soul gifts and wisdom?

If it’s the first option, which mine 1000% was…BURN IT TO THE F*CKING GROUND.

When I was recording this episode, you can see it on video too, I was visualizing our foundations crumbling to the ground.

It’s your time to create and build a new foundation for yourself.

This is a potent and powerful time to do just that.

If you’re feeling any resistance that's okay. I resisted my magic, wisdom and gifts for so long.

It was just me holding myself back from fully accepting myself.

In this exciting podcast episode, I am sharing my journey and identity shift from Kelly Pender Yoga to The Badass Babe.

Affirmations that came through as I was channeling:

I f*cking accept myself fully, completely and unapolgetically.

I accept my authentic self.

I love myself.

I give myself permission to openly share my authentic self.

I give myself permission to show up as my authentic self.

&& by doing so I make a HUGE impact on the world and pave the path to come back home to my soul.

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