Grape Therapy: Zanab Jaffrey Spills the Love Is Blind Tea & Coffee

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

08-12-2022 • 55 mins

If you’re a fellow reality TV fan and you love love, then today’s episode with Zanab Jaffrey is for YOU. While Zanab might not agree that love is completely blind after deciding to opt out at the alter with Cole Barnett, she definitely has taken many lessons away from her time in the Love Is Blind pods, and she’s sharing what went down on and (maybe more importantly) off camera during her experience on the hit Netflix show. Has she been in contact with Cole since the reunion? What are her thoughts watching the “Cuties” scene back? Did she get coffee with Cole's ex-wife? Who did she & Cole share as their celeb look-alike while “blind”? And, what’s her biggest takeaway 1.5 years after filming? Kaitlyn is asking all of these questions and more, plus getting a confession that even confession-queen KB can’t relate to.

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