Grape Therapy: Girl Talks and Botox with Kat Campbell

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

19-01-2023 • 45 mins

Kaitlyn’s BFF, the tater to her tot, and professional face poker (AKA injector) Kat Campbell is back on the podcast! This is one of those episodes you put in your ear holes when you just want to hang out with two weirdos, and is there really anything better? KB and Kat recap their recent trip to the zoo with bb Chandler and talk about the joys (and potential pitfalls) of motherhood. They’re also getting into all things Botox and skincare, their first impressions of each other, some friendship BTS, and playing games that involve the alphabet, celebrity smells, and putting their bestie to the testie. Listen to KB’s previous episode with Kat HERE!

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