The Seester, Seester Holiday Giveaway with Haley! (Pt 1)

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

27-12-2022 • 44 mins

Kaitlyn and sis Haley are in your earholes today to spread holiday cheer by doing an ole giveaway for the Vinos who continue to support Kaitlyn, offering them the chance to win some prizes from KB’s amazing besties who are also entrepreneurs. Oh, and naturally, they’re also discussing quantum jumping (or hoppin’), timeline shifting, and the most interesting topic of all, our own dreams. Haley and KB are catching up on all things fam and young love before they quantum jump into the reason we’re all gathered here today: Vino giveaways! They’re dialin’ up a few lucky callers who are playing games of “Beat KB” where they compete against the host herself to win prizes for their loved ones. Tune in next week to get even more seester time and hear some Vino confessions that will have you LOLing through the season.

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