Dr. Jennifer Lincoln: Let’s Talk About SEXual Health, Baby!

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

20-12-2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

Content Warning: Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Today on the pod, OB-GYN, podcaster, and TikTok extraordinaire, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, joins Kaitlyn to talk about (c)literally everything because nothing is TMI when your day job is vaginas. Dr. Jen is here to answer all of your questions without a side of shame that we might normally feel at school or in the doctor’s office. Does birth control make us pick the wrong partner? And will it affect our fertility? Is there anything we can do to enhance our sex drives? How often should we actually be replacing our underwear? Is a cup, pad, or tampon the way to go? Is cycle syncing a real thing? Kaitlyn opens up about her experience with PMDD and asks Dr. Jen some of the questions that have been on her mind lately when it comes to sexual health and wellness. The two wrap up with a highly requested game of “ken you not” as well as some OB fact or fiction and of course, confessions.

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