Nanhi Duniya (English)

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Get your kids ready for a journey to wonderland!
Where, what they imagine is reality, from fairytales to exploring the universe in rockets, Dr. Kusum Arora & Kantaa Advanii brings to you stories that are never told before!

Presenting Nanhi Duniya now also in English
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Dr. Kusum Arora has written four books of stories n poems. Has received Saman Patra from the first Lady of India Mrs. Vimla Sharma in the year 1997.
Nanhi Duniya is her new collection of stories for the kids.
Kantaa Advanii, a media marketeer having worked with media giants & is now making her foray into the narration of children’s stories in Nanhi Duniya.

Nanhi Duniya is an Ep.Log Media Production
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