Positive mental health online and chat with Industry Minds

The Business of Show Business

May 12 2020 • 59 mins

This week's episode focuses on mental health in the arts and entertainment sectors and how to use your social media to benefit you and your mental health.

Section one of this episode I give you 12 ways in which you can use your social media to be proactive and look after your mental health online and section two I talk to Cathy Read from Industry Minds about the fab work they do.

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Show Notes:

1:50 12 Social media tips to help with mental health outline

2:36 Setting a social media strategy

3:30 Tip 1 Don’t jump on your phone as soon as you get up

3:58 Tip 2 Be a triple threat online

4:38 Tip 3 Be proactive not just reactive

5:48 Tip 4 Be social 6 mins Tip 5 Marie Kondo your social – does it spark joy?

6:53 Tip 6 The power of muting

7:19 Tip 7 Inspiration not competition

7:48 Tip 8 Save posts

8:09 Tip 9 Time management

8:45 Tip 10 What to post

9:46 Tip 11 Social media check list

10:12 Tip 12 Likes don't pay the bills

11:10 Free resources - https://www.jamiebody.com/resources

11:48 Interview with Industry Minds begins

14:59 "In our industry it all very much has to be done now'

17 mins How depression can affect everyone differently

17:20 No matter if you are in the dream job…. Your mental health struggles are valid

18:30 Cathy’s history and background

19 mins Drama school is difficult for everyone

21:40 The time scale of how Industry minds came to life

23:36 "You start to see the light at the end of the tunnel"

26:5 Have the skills you learnt as a performer helped you with Industry Minds?

28: mins Personalist is employable, people buy into you

28:44 It is so important to not stigmatise in the industry

31:14 Is it important to have a side hobby?

33:56 "Doesn’t make you any less of a performer if you do something else'

35:54 What do you wish your younger self knew?

36:22 "If it is meant to happen, it's going to happen"

40:52 What has two years of podcasting taught you?

47:03 "People want to change is representation in the industry"

53 mins Using social media proactively

56.46 "Do the best you can do for you in that moment"

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