I Will Be Happy When _______

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Mar 1 2023 • 15 mins

I Will Be Happy When ______

This Under 17 Minute Message gives tips about waiting to be happy and only being happy once we have achieved that goal or desire we are waiting for. But, SPOILER ALERT: You can be happy right now!

Today's quote: "I'll be happy when... I am rich, I am pretty, I am lean, I am happy

Less than 17 minutes to improve your state of mind!

The number 17 is representative of divine optimism! It tells you that whatever actions you are taking are the correct ones and you are headed in a good direction for your life!

The number 17 should encourage you to maintain a positive attitude to gain your highest ideals and aspirations!

The number 17 appearing in your life is your nudge that you should start noticing the good things, little blessings, you have been given all along the way!

Focus on your small wins and tune in now for an uplifting 17 Minute Message with Heidi!