The Truth About Belly Fat (and the Dissatisfaction Equation)

Real Life Weight Loss

Feb 21 2023 • 28 mins

Want to know how to lose belly fat? Or what about . . .

How to get rid of cellulite?

How to tone your arms?

How to tighten your thighs so they don’t touch when you walk?

How to lose chest fat?

How to have a butt that doesn’t sag?

All of these are appearance goals that get clumped in with the broad category of weight loss goals. Today, I’m not explaining a special diet or workout program for losing belly fat. But what I am offering is so much more important.

I’ll explain the truth about appearance goals. The truth about changing your body. If you have a desire to change the way you look, there’s a good chance you might be falling into the “Dissatisfaction Equation”. It’s the recipe for unhappiness that so many people never realize they’re cooking up day after day. The good news is there’s a simple solution.

You’ll get all that and more on today’s episode!



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