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Britt and Erica have joined forces to explore conversations that bridge the sacred and scientific. As a nurse practitioner and womb healer, and chiropractor and midwife respectively, we have a deep reverence for the study of medical and scientific principles. However, we know in our bones how vital it is to honor the sacred-spiritual aspects of health and healing. Join us as we explore topics ranging from conscious conception to pelvic floor health, to cyclical living. Welcome to our community! read less
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Your body can heal from autoimmune disease with Jenn Cizewski
Dec 21 2023
Your body can heal from autoimmune disease with Jenn Cizewski
Episode HighlightsJen shares about her health  journey what she did to heal from multiple autoimmune conditions How her own health struggles changed her career trajectory from NICU nurse and student midwife to family nurse practitionerMisconceptions about functional medicine and what to do when it's not workingWhy you are always going to be your own best healer and why radical personal responsibility is neededThe piece that is often missing from the holistic health conversationWhat Erica believes is the most important thing we can teach our childrenWhat is actual "root cause" of your symptomsJen's Symptomless Program and her doctoral research3 pillars of Jen's program and how she creating a framework for other practitioner's to integrate into practiceHow autoimmune is triggered by a frequency mismatch and the body is not in fact "attacking" itselfAbout Jen:Jen Ciszewski is a holistic nurse practitioner and entrepreneur. Through her education and experiences, she has dedicated her life’s work to helping women uncover the root cause of their chronic symptoms and lead them into a new life of soul transformation and physical healing. At the age of 26, Jen found herself at an all-time low mentally, physically, and emotionally after struggling for years with multiple autoimmune conditions and debilitating chronic symptoms. She was unable to continue her job as a nurse, and despite countless doctor’s visits, tons of money, and endless supplements - she was not getting better. She refused to accept her prognosis, and began her own research. Through intensive work physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - she began to HEAL! Jen did not want anyone else to suffer through years of illness without answers like she did, so Jen became a board certified nurse practitioner and created her practice “Inspire Health by Jen”. Through various testing, root cause analysis, personalized functional medicine and nutrition protocol, and energy healing, Jen helps clients of all backgrounds and experiences heal their chronic symptoms. Jen also spends her time spreading awareness and sharing knowledge on Instagram and her podcast, mainly to tell people, “YOUR BODY CAN HEAL!”Website: https://www.inspirehealthbyjen.com/Podcast: The Inspire Health by Jen Podcast (Listen on Apple or Spotify)Instagram: @inspirehealthbyjen Join our community over on Patreon