S1 E73 : Isteaare Ki Talaash Mein - Metaphors in Urdu Poetry


Mar 29 2024 • 10 mins

In this captivating episode of Rekhta Podcast, "Isteaare Ki Talaash Mein - Metaphors in Urdu Poetry" host Ritesh and writer Dheerendra Singh Faiyaz embark on a lyrical journey through the rich tapestry of Urdu poetry. Delving deep into the heart of Urdu's literary tradition, they unravel the beauty and complexity of metaphors, exploring how poets like Ghalib, Faiz, and Mir have used this literary device to convey profound emotions and thoughts. Through engaging discussions and recitations, this episode promises to enlighten listeners about the artistry behind the metaphors that define and elevate Urdu poetry.

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