Episode 326: My Friend Alison Prince Helped Her Teenage Daughter Build A 6 Figure Business

The Growth Vault Podcast

28-09-2018 • 39 mins

Episode 326:  My Friend Alison Prince Helped Her Teenage Daughter Build A 6 Figure Business

I’m super excited because today we are talking to Alison Prince,
who’s an incredible maniac.

She began as a school teacher and quickly realized she wasn’t making money.

She was broke and it was depressing.

It all started when she was 12 years old and her parents got a divorce. They lost EVERYTHING. They moved into a house that had rats.

One day she went to school and was unsure of how people actually had the money to pay for things. She would ask friends and teachers how people paid for things.

Her family had food stamps. But, all of these things made her really grateful and self-aware of what’s really going on in the world.

Everyone in her life told her to be financially successful she had to go to college. So she did. She worked really hard, got a job and worked at 4 am every morning while going to high school.

She had scraped all of her money together, saved EVERY SINGLE PENNY because of her determination to go to college…It was financial security to her. Then she realized her mom had spent all of her money to pay for rent. Alison was devastated about college, but she wasn’t upset since they needed the money to keep a roof over their house.

She got a grant for college, got her degree and was making around $8k per year. But then, she made triple that as a real employee and thought she had hit gold. She got her first paycheck and was told that she qualified for food stamps…

It was a literal slap in the face for her.

She wanted to stay home with her 4 kids and then found out about e-commerce and everything clicked. This was the beginning of everything.

In the first 2 years she had built a million dollar empire.

Interested in hearing more? Check out this 40-minute episode with Alison Prince!

Check out Alison online, www.becauseicanclan.com

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